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Happy New Year

Good morning! Happy 1st and a brand new year! It’s time for a brand new pin! The most votes was Mushroom snail and I spent wayy to long on this one haha but I think I managed to pull it off! You have the choice of 2 colourways as I always love to do a flutter and Fern version!

These are now live on the website and you have the whole month to grab one to secure your pin at a cheaper price and before anyone else! Welcome to the Flutter Pin Club!

This design was harder to draw than I first anticipated! More so with placement and getting all the elements in that I wanted. I wanted it to look like a mushroom but also a snail so working that part out was hard.

Really love the Flutter and Fern colours on this one! As always I love a botonical style with signature leaves and sparkles!

Which one do you love most?

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